Move Your IRA or 401K Offshore!

Did you know that your IRA and 401K account can be moved offshore? Did you know that by moving your IRA offshore you can buy and sell U.S. & international stocks, futures, forex, ETF’s, mutual funds, precious metals and real estate? If you’re like most people you didn’t know this was possible. The good news is, moving your retirement account offshore is not only possible, it’s also easier than you think. And the best part: transferring part or all of a US retirement account offshore does NOT create any tax consequences.

Here’s how it works:

Harbor Financial Services Offshore 401k
Harbor Financial Services Offshore 401k

1. A Self Directed IRA account is established.

2. The client (you) directs the IRA to form an offshore company (LLC or corporation).

3. The offshore company opens an offshore brokerage account. The client has sole signatory control over the account.

4. The client moves funds from his/her existing retirement account in the U.S. to the offshore brokerage account.

5 The client may now buy and sell whatever investments that he/she wants to through the offshore brokerage account, with all of the tax benefits of an IRA/401k account.

We can take care of the whole process for you. If you’re interested in moving your retirement account offshore please call us to learn more.

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