Safer Options to Protecting Your Assets

Asset protection plans are now a widely-requested service for many investors, brokers, and business owners. With today’s economy and business environments, it’s no wonder that many are moving their assets to offshore accounts to ensure that personal and business assets are constantly protected and safe.

There are two types of assets that many have tried to conceal from regulatory bodies, permanent and movable.

Permanent Assets

This category of assets includes real estate, business buildings, homes, and other property types. Such assets are not physically mobile and in order to escape taxation, many have tried transferring these assets to other family members or relatives.

Movable Assets

Movable assets include cash, stock and securities, bonds, and other investment portfolios. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that all activity, gains, interest, and dividends be reported on an annual basis for the purposes of tax reporting.

In an attempt to conceal earnings and capital gains, many have been audited and penalized by the IRS and other governing bodies. These penalties are usually heavy and unnecessary.

Asset Protection Plans

Asset protection plans allow individuals and businesses to effectively and honestly secure their financial assets from coming under the hands of creditors or other predators in lawsuits. Asset protection plans are legal ways of protecting your assets without having to conceal or hide any of your investments and capital ventures.

Experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the offshore banking industry can assist you in developing ideal strategies and plans to help you grow and maintain all your personal and business assets. You too can create valuable solutions to securing and developing your financial needs.

Harbor Financial Services (HFS)

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Disclaimer: Many countries have laws regarding offshore entities and accounts. For example, citizens that form offshore entities, (for example an offshore corporation, offshore trust, offshore partnership, offshore limited liability company, etc.) own stock in offshore entities or hold positions within offshore entities may need to file a tax return. Citizens that form an offshore trust, move assets into an offshore trust or are the beneficiary of an offshore trust may need to file a tax return. Citizens that sign on offshore bank accounts or offshore investment accounts may need to disclose this fact to their government and pay taxes on any interest or capital gains. We strongly recommend consulting with a local, licensed professional to obtain tax and legal advice in order to understand the law and to fully comply with all applicable laws and reporting requirements regarding offshore companies, offshore trusts, offshore bank accounts and offshore investments.