Fundamentals of Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is a method by which you can manage your financial problems in a way to safeguard assets from the risk of revelation. Significantly the process of asset protection involves transferring the assets from an unprotected form of ownership to a protected form of ownership. The unprotected form commonly applies to the assets or property that is held directly in an individual’s name or even in the name of a revocable living trust. The protected form is classified into one of the many asset protection vehicles like limited partnership, corporations, different types of trusts, limited liability companies and many other such entities. Protection of assets can also be a procedure of transferring them into exempt assets to the degree permitted by the state entities.

On the other hand, you need to be cautious while utilizing exemptions as a form of asset protection. Because many creditors are not liable to state exemption like federal tax liens, state tax liens, alimony and child support, purchase money retailers, and mechanics liens.

In fact prevention is a major part of asset protection. The claimant is normally reluctant to build up innumerable attacks against a defendant who has a well-established asset protection plan. Judgment creditors are cost aware and if the efforts to collect are just too complicated, then that creditor is likely to settle for far less than the amount of the judgment or move on to easier target.

Mostly the domestic businesses and operations are often weighed down by excessive and unnecessary regulation. Priceless resources are sidetracked away from the dynamic procedure in order to scrutinize compliance with a multitude of restrictions. Offshore jurisdictions are intentionally business-friendly and have regulations that are uncomplicated, straightforward to comprehend and inexpensive to act in accordance with.

Moving a business offshore and enjoying a more pleasant business climate may require nothing more than forming an offshore corporation and transferring assets from the domestic corporation to the foreign one. HFS specializes in providing turn-key solutions for clients. HFS can recommend offshore products and services to suit anyone’s needs. HFS’s Complete Offshore Package includes everything needed to go offshore and can be tailored to the individual needs of the client, making it useful for all scenarios and situations. HFS has formed hundreds of offshore companies and trusts and opened hundreds of offshore bank and brokerage accounts worldwide representing millions of dollars.

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